Producer:  Laphroaig     Location:  Port Ellen, Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland

Age:  8 Years    Barrel(s):  7 Years used Bourbon barrels, 1 year Amontillado cask

ABV:  51.4%


cairdeas-2014Cairdeas is a series of limited-edition, experimental Whiskeys that annually explore new ideas in distillation, barreling, and finishing. This 2014 Cairdeas was aged in wet Bourbon barrels for seven years and finished with one year in well-used Amontillado Sherry casks. As Josh Peters, writing for whiskeyjug.com put it, “It’s so obscenely good I had a bit of separation anxiety when I finished off my first bottle…” I know the feeling. Mine arrived in a handsome little disk flask, about 300ML worth, and I have now nursed that for over three weeks. If there has been a clunker in this Cairdeas Series, I haven’t found it and this one is easily the most replete, integrated, fully-formed 8-year old whiskey I’ve tasted yet. Peat, charred wood, and Sherry sweetness on the nose; the nutty character of the Amontillado, cinnamon, sumac, cloves, caramel, copious smoke, and fresh peat paint the palate; and soft wood notes mingle with roasted cashews on the finish. This is simply GORGEOUS Whiskey and an annual blessing from the folks at Laphroaig.   98 Points


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