100% Grain Vodka        80 Proof        Portland, OR, USA

Rolling_River_products_websiteWhen I received this bottle of Rolling River Vodka, I had a few expectations. I have a loose (okay, very loose) network of folks who clue me in on what’s happenin’ in far-flung places that I don’t have time (or sometimes interest) to see for myself. Portland isn’t all that far away and I get down there fairly often but I hadn’t been to RR to taste. I sure heard about it, though. Brewers and winemakers and bloggers and readers had all told me, “You GOTTA go to Rolling River…dude.” So – ignoring the “dude” thing – I had made an actual paper note that says, “Visit Rolling River Spirits“, which sits in my sad, busted-ass, old canvas wallet right now. Little did I suspect that Rolling River would wind up coming to me.

Boy…am I glad they did! This is, sports fans, a splendid Vodka. Splendid…there’s no other accurate word. I’ve now tasted it neat, on the rocks, from the freezer, mixed into Bloody Marys and Vodka Tonics, and even used it in a bread recipe. Flawless. It shows a subtle but very distinct botanical character – rosemary, parsley, bay laurel, citrus peels, anise, and other fleeting flavors – and is even graced with some interesting notess like ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????lavender, heather, pink peppercorns, and teaberry. It’s complex, which is not an adjective usually found hangin’ around the Vodka end of the Booze Spectrum. It sports a lovely subdued burn that just gilds the smooth texture and even has a gentle cooling effect when sipped neat. This Vodka absolutely screams “Oregon!” in the best possible meaning of that term: pure water, magnificent grains and botanicals, and a skill level that’s immediately a couple of notches higher than most other regions, just because Oregon’s distillers realize that A Rising Tide Floats All Boats. For a fairly new company, whose Whiskey is not even out of the barrel yet(!), Rolling River just killed their first offering and I’m crazy eager to taste their Gin. This is a gorgeous, generous, wildly-versatile addition to the emerging Northwest distilling community and makes Rolling River Spirits an outfit to watch…closely.  95 Points




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