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TPFI’m going to propose something, here, and it is NOT facetious or ironic:

Donald Trump was, for MANY years, a Democrat. He was, in fact, known as a Progressive. Today, he seems hell-bent on trying to out-stupid and out-extreme the rest of a profoundly stupid and extreme Republican presidential field. This goes against everything that was previously known about Trump, whose bombast is legendary but who has NEVER been given to dumb, irrational rhetoric that alienates masses of people…

Trump15WHAT IF this whole ultra-Right campaign was an attempt to force the entire Republican field as far to the right as possible; to highlight their irrationality and extremism and racism and jingoistic leanings? WHAT IF Trump – who clearly already has considerable power and can afford to do whatever the hell he likes, even to the point of reality TV social experimentation – decided to act upon his long Democratic past and shove the Republican Party so far to the Right fringes that they couldn’t recover in a generation? Clearly, Donald Trump is too smart a man to be saying a lot of what’s coming out of his face, lately, and I’m having a hard time buying a zebra that’s changed stripes SO radically. I wouldn’t be AT ALL surprised if Trump or some network is paying a camera crew to travel around, in the guise of campaign archivists, and document his every move for later use in the King Hell Mother of All Reality TV shows.

As a young friend of mine said this morning, “...if what you say is true, I think it’s hilarious. It would be a troll job of such epic proportions that it could potentially (hopefully) disenfranchise the entire ‘my ignorance is better than your knowledge’ contingent of our population that is dragging us down.” It would be history’s greatest prank…from someone with enough freedom and clout to avoid most of the repercussions.

I’m not saying this IS what’s going on with him…but I am saying it’s every bit as plausible as the idea of Donald Trump suddenly morphing into the most bigoted, logic-proof political candidate in recent American history.

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump: TOTALLY Off-Topic…But Plausible

  1. I don’t know enough about Trump and his history to make anything more than a passing statement, but I always find it more likely that someone who seemed intelligent was actually an idiot all along and just got away with it.

    Bloody good wheeze if this little theory is correct though, he does seem like an amusing caricature of a right wing politician …. but then again, career politics turned into a caricature quite a number of years ago anyway.


  2. I don’t think it’s a diabolical plan. I think he’s been equally critical of the Democratic party. He’s fiscally conservative and socially liberal. More Libertarian than Republican or Democrat. His message appeals to voters on both sides. I think he chose to run as a Republican because he thought it would be the easiest road to the white house…


    • I don’t buy the “easiest road to the White House” thing. There’s nothing easy about running as a Republican. And his “message” – racism, intolerance, protectionism – appeals to STUPID people on both sides. But he’s just not stupid enough to be dealing in this kind of rhetoric. Nope, still going with my explanation.


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