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TPFOne of the most popular things I did in this bloglet, in the past year, was my Fall Round-Up of Value Spirits, a huge collection of booze that can be had for prices that mere mortals can afford. I did it last October and wasn’t planning to do it again BUT…I got a steady stream of requests for another shot at it and, as the requests passed the 500 mark, I thought maybe I should quit being a crank and comply.

HOWEVER…I’m a huge and unabashed cheerleader (Yes, I absolutely have the legs for it!) for Small Businesses and last year’s samples were ALL sent in by PR firms representing large corporate interests. I don’t care, as long as what’s in the bottle merits mention, but I would really love to shine my little flashlight on some producers of beverages who don’t get all that promotion and ad dollar$.

So, here it is: If you own a small distillery, anywhere in North America, and have a bottle that falls within these guidelines:

White liquors: $30 and under
Rums:  $30 and under
Liqueurs: $25 and under
       Scotch, $50 and under
       Bourbon, $40 and under
       American or Canadian, $35 or under
       OTHER: (Japanese, Euro, etc.) any price you choose
A few of this year's beauties

A few of this year’s beauties

…and you’d like to have it included in this year’s Potable Feast, ship a sample bottle (any size will work) to the address shown below and your Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, or Pisco will appear right here with the Big Liquor items, as long as it doesn’t just absolutely fail as a beverage. Because I want this to get done in plenty of time for Christmas, the deadline for entries is December 1, 2015, and ANY submission from a small producer which arrives after that will probably be reviewed later, as a stand-alone post. The ONLY stipulation is that whatever you send MUST be available via some method, either for sale in your tasting room, via shippers, or by distributors. Doesn’t matter, as long as there’s a reasonable shot at someone reading the review getting hold of a bottle somehow.

There is a tiny bit of wiggle room on prices but not much. This IS a round-up of VALUE spirits, after all, and value is what it’s about. Also, judging from the readership numbers of last year’s posts, having a fairly good quantity for sale would be a good idea. To my dismay and satisfaction, those posts were used as a buyer’s guide for thousands of folks, all year long.

That’s the situation and, as always, small independent producers of any beverage get a little preferential treatment here.

Thanks in advance to those who choose to participate…and keep on makin’ The Good Stuff.

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