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TPFYeah, cocktail recipes…

Actually, this is the third time I’ve been asked – based on my extensive background as a chef, maybe. I’m really not sure – to invent a cocktail for some liquor firm or other. Those who read this bloglet with any regularity will know that I don’t drink cocktails; don’t even really like 99% of ’em. The occasional Bloody as part of the Seahawks pre-funk or maybe a White Russian with my Domestic Partner is about it.

But – again, contrary to appearances – I do try to please in this space, so I’ve happily taken the challenge each time I’ve been asked. And, immodestly I guess, I think this new one is pretty freakin’ nice.

So, for your holiday entertaining, here is the cocktail recipe I created for Frangelico, a tweaking of the basic cream cocktail idea, gigged up a tad with some spices. Just for kicks, also, I went back and found my first recipe, one requested by the folks at Bols. I hope you enjoy both and Merry Christmas!

The White Rasta

The White Rasta

 The Pour Fool’s White Rasta

1 oz. Frangelico
1 oz. Anejo Caribbean Rum
1 oz. Four Roses Bourbon
3 oz. Egg Nog

Small pinch ground cinnamon
Tiny pinch Cayenne

Combine in highball glass with a lot of ice. SHAKE WELL. Serve. Enjoy!

If you're down home enough, serve the Pawley's like this!

If you’re down home enough, serve the Pawley’s like this!


And, from waaay back in 20011, this little summer firecracker:


The Pawley Spike

3 oz. Bols Sweet Tea Liqueur

4 oz. Blenheim Ginger Ale 1903 (The HOT one)

1 oz. (or more, to taste) Vodka (I’d recommend Reyka or Russian Standard)

Lime slice, sprig of lemongrass to stir

Serve over a LOT of ice, with a mint sprig (optional)

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