This is, by miles, the hardest thing I have ever had to write…but I DO, very much, have to write it.

TPFI’m confessing, right up front, that I have never liked the Republican Party, especially the version of it that’s ensconced in the Capitol Building. I think they’re corrupt and mostly of low intelligence and callous and that they exhibit a blatant and shameless racism as regards President Obama, as they work, months after he left office, to destroy and, in fact, erase his legacy.

But I have always thought that the differences between them me were philosophical and that their evident stupidity and callousness had limits and that those limits were our laws, our democratic principles, American values, and the Constitution.

I was wrong…so tragically wrong.

I firmly believe that the Republican-dominated Congress has embarked on a strategy of a long, slow-developing form of genocide against millions of American citizens. In gauging the actual stupidity and obliviousness of the Republicans, I had always assumed that they were just contrarians whose unbridled contempt for everyone to the Center and the Left was driving a knee-jerk nay-saying of anything expressed by Democrats and Progressives. I thought they were just being obstinate and obstructionist.

But I’ve been forced to the conclusion that the Congressional Republicans are really not all that stupid…but ARE far more devious and malevolent. Independent sources, people of far greater intellectual attainment than the R, have warned of the consequences of enacting TrumpCare/abandoning Obamacare and of the mortal wounds Trump’s cowardly slashing of social programs will bring about. Flat statements of how many Americans will, absolutely and provably, DIE as a result are impossible to miss or to explain away. And…the Republicans have become so callous about it that New York GOP Rep. Tom Reed said, a few weeks ago, that it doesn’t bother him too much that 20,000 more Americans will die under the Republican health care plan as long as less money is going into Medicaid. That same week, Middletown, Ohio, council member Dan Picard proposed a three-strikes-style policy for people who repeatedly overdose: Too many overdoses and authorities wouldn’t send an ambulance to resuscitate them. Donald Trump, the alleged “president”, is so consumed by his loathing for Barack Obama and the galling knowledge that his own legacy will be forever tarnished by comparison with 44’s, that he’s perfectly willing to openly back the idea that we simply “let Obamacare fail“. He’s been told repeatedly that letting all government-subsidized health care collapse will result in actual, literal deaths of thousands of Americans but he doesn’t care. His huge, twisted, perverse ego rules his every impulse and the thought of Obama – a NEGRO! – being forever considered greater than him is simply too much for his girlie, fragile psyche to bear.

Meanwhile, congressional Republicans issue irrational comments like that from Paul Ryan, who opined that free (school) lunches gave children a “full stomach” but left them with an “empty soul“…and this litany of inhumane irrationality continues daily, as Republicans – finally freed, by their “president” and his overt bigotry and legitimizing callousness and dismissive arrogance, from the shackles of careful speech that’s reined in their rhetoric in the past – are venting all over the news cycles about all these leeches and freeloaders…formerly known asyour tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.

It’s not hard to imagine the backroom conversations; the bull sessions in which inadequate men, who have ascended to their positions of power by virtue of being politically malleable enough to do the bidding of rich power brokers whose only values are preceded by this symbol “$”, gather to think of how to generate more dollars for themselves and their masters. Let’s not indulge ourselves in the juvenile, unworthy fantasy that the rich do not control most politicians. Money flies around Washington, DC, the way fruit flies flit around a Brooklyn produce depot. (Or, more precisely, the way houseflies swarm around a steaming pile of dog turds…and for the same reason.) Democrats do the same thing but they work cheaper because those Fat Cats know damned well that any Democrat who serves their purposes will soon either be a former legislator or a newly-minted Republican. All politicians are subject to outside influences. The very term “politician” presumes someone who can be influenced and, more to the point, someone who serves other people. They know, damned well, two things:

  1.  They will not last long in DC if they don’t pay fervent lip service to the traditional  myth that they work “for the People”, and…
  2. They won’t last long without the dollars those Fat Cats provide.

In that archetypal bull session, someone finally comes right out and admits what they have ALL considered, late at night and deep in their cups: that their positions could be a lot more profitable, their masters a LOT more happy, the country far easier to manage, and their base eternally grateful if most of the troublesome types – spics, ni**ers, queers, lezzies, The Poor, Liberals, anarchists, Democrats, Jews, unionists, activists, and all those goddamned Uppity Women – would just…go away.

What if, one of them says (probably drunk and terminally frustrated) There was a way to make that actually, literally happen? What if we could do away with large enough numbers of those Lesser Americans, those drags on the economy and the infrastructure and social services, actually  hasten them out of the way? Weakening those masses would pave the way for a virtually eternal reign of our ideology and permanent control of Congress and the Presidency. We don’t have to actually do anything suicidal like calling for concentration camps (Little did I know when I wrote this…) and Nazi-style ovens. We just have to not do any of that bleeding heart bullshit that all those Democratic administrations created. We don’t have advocate for actually killing anybody. We just cut services that decent people don’t need, anyway, and let nature take its course.”

“Think about it, Brothers!” (he shouts, warming up to the subject and, as always, in love with the sound of his own voice) “Wouldn’t America – the real America, not this mongrelized stew of perverts and trouble-makers but real people like you and me and our families and those of us who were smart enough to make our lives comfortable – be so much better off with smaller numbers, fewer mouths to feed, fewer hands scrambling for this hand-out and that special treatment, that other entitlement, or some God Awful, over-reaching monstrosity like Obamacare! We all know that a smaller America would be a more controllable America…and there are all those beautiful little patriots who will follow anywhere we lead. Yeah, this is tough, my Brothers. This is one of those periods in history when strong men have to stand up and Do What’s Right, even if it leads to an avalanche of slander and screaming and indignation. What’s Right does not always mean What’s Easy and we are America’s Last Hope. We either act, NOW, or we let this nation be overrun with mongrels and wastrels and welfare cases. Do we have the courage to look at this dispassionately and say ‘Let nature take its course“? I think the answer must be ‘Yes‘…”

Even I, with my long-dormant acting skills, could rally the tainted-DNA masses with that little speech. All it would take is an audience of people who are mortally frustrated, who have had their basic humanity beaten out of them by a passing parade of people with whom they feel zero empathy or connection and who they see as the root of all their problems, and a plausible framework of contrived patriotism and few vague allusions to the Founding Fathers – those “strong men who have to Stand Up and Do What’s Right” – and, by golly, we’ve got ourselves a budding Atrocity. It’s EASY…and these folks are intellectually and spiritually unequipped for anything that’s any more challenging than “easy”.

Even if, as we all suspect, DC breeds an all-encompassing form of cultural myopia, these men are perfectly aware of what their actions’ results will be. Unless the Republican Party has finally perfected their long-nurtured Dream of actually turning off their hearing when Inconvenient Truth approaches, they have all heard and read the facts about what sort of hell on earth their actions will unleash. That they don’t believe any of that and think it’s all just “Liberal hand-wringing” is Stipulated. Republicans since the Nixon Administration have always cast anything that contradicts their narrative as “naive crap“, “nay-saying“, “Liberal obstructionism“, or – my favorite – “treason!” And they will continue to deny, deny, deny, that any of this is motivated by anything other than the good of ALL Americans and the country’s well-being.

But what the Republican Party is planning is, to put it in its literal terms, genocide. They’ve actively and deliberately decided that millions of Americans dying of what they regard as “what they deserve” is a Good Thing. Their vision of a return to a white-dominated, business-first, swaggering, posturing, bully-boy America, ala the 1950s and The Cold War, can really only be served by the elimination of millions of us who do not share their vision and have determined to Resist at any cost.

The Republican Party is willing to and is, in fact, planning to simply stand aside and check their iPhones and play Candy Crush while “nature takes its course“.

The Republican Party is planning to become what would, in a court of law, be defined as an “accessory to murder”. The Republican Party is planning to KILL MILLIONS of Americans.

This is the hardest thing I have ever had to write. But it is, as I live and breathe and before the throne of God and His Son, exactly what I KNOW, in my heart and my head, is happening.

So…what do WE do about it?

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