Among my many unfulfilled fantasies is one dark and secret shame: even when I was an ad agency copywriter, doing blurbs for CBS News and NASCAR and RJ Reynolds and Hanes Hosiery, I wanted to design and write for…t-shirts.

If the current printing process had existed at the time – think mid to late 80s and beyond – I would have already been doing this. Today, the comparable technology is like magic, viewed versus that primitive silk-screen method and idiots like me CAN see our (alleged) witticisms on shirts…and coffee cups and hoodies and even your newborn’s onesies.

This has led to a somewhat uneasy alliance between Your Fool and TeePublic, the massive maker of smart-ass and drippily earnest shirts and gear of all sorts. Their insane sleight of hand now means that, if I was interested in doing this, I could have The Pour Fool logo and tag line imprinted on tapestries, like some pervy twist on medieval insulation. Yes, it has come to that.

So this post is your introduction to the wonders of TeePublic and the (alleged) wit of this one Fool. Follow the link below (click on the images) to see what’s available now and come back frequently, because Rust Never Sleeps and I get new ideas all the time! I forget most of ’em within a few minutes but never mind that. Just visit often, okay…’cause, well, y’know…money.

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