TPFnewThis is NOT up for debate, so I probably won’t even allow comments. But, make no mistake about it, it is all true and needs to be said…

It has now become glaringly obvious – because he is either too fucking dumb to realize it or has simply ceased to expend the effort to hide it – that Donald Trump is knowingly and willfully working for Vladimir Putin and deliberately acting to destabilize the United States and allow Putin to eventually exploit that and gain influence or even just outright take over this country.

Whether this is being done with Trump’s willful cooperation – he is a narcissist and that personality type genuinely does not value anything like friendship or loyalty or patriotism or birthright or any of those loftier emotions – or is being manipulated by Putin who, as he did with possibly thousands of Russians and enemies when he was with the KGB, has dirt on Trump from Trump’s dozens of business trips to Moscow (the loathsome image of a urine-soaked Trump wallowing in pissed-up satin sheets while four or five Russian hookers cavort like wood nymphs around him makes my stomach churn like an old wringer washer) or has offered Trump the two things he does care about, limitless money and power, it is no longer even theoretical that it is the dynamic between these two men. It is evident in Trump’s repeated private interludes with a proven murderer and psychotic, the worst remaining example of Cold War Commie creep left in today’s fractious capitalist Russia. It is proven, to any person who has, like me, been morbidly fascinated with Trump for the past forty years, by his daily and escalating lunacy, his unbending habit of doing whatever, in any situation, is the most offensive, the least rational, the most amoral and divisive and inhumane and just flat crazy, and provocatively perverse thing any person could come up with, NONE of which follows any discernible plan or makes any sense except as provocation. It. NEVER. Fails.

I have, to my great dismay and shame, been fascinated with Trump since that day when I first saw him in this interview with Tom Brokaw on NBC in 1980…


He has never wavered even a little in his desperate, nigh-maniacal grasp of two cornerstones of his life: whatever will make him $$$ and whatever will ingratiate him to the Manhattan Elites, whose favor and company he has lusted after for six solid decades and who treated the young Trump and later the older Trump as a minor irritant and an occasional source of dollars for this cause or that, without ever offering him inclusion in their circles or acknowledgement as a equal. His every act, every public decision was aimed at currying favor and getting people to like him. That’s mainly why I sat in stunned amazement at the behavior of a man, now, who seems hell-bent on being not just unpopular but shunned and despised. The younger Trump was at least rational, even if that rationality arose from his money mania or his craving for approval. This older version, in a time when it would seem he has even MORE reason to seek popularity, is either the natural evolution of a man who has suppressed a simmering rage at all of those who rejected him…or the product of that Putin scenario, eyes firmly fixed on The Main Chance and the possibility to be, even if it’s in exile, the richest man in the world.

Make no mistake here, either: Trump has nurtured a well-fed contempt for most Americans, outside those Manhattan circles, unless they were wildly rich or in a position to do him some good. His contempt absolutely extends to society in general, as countless past comments have proven. As a malignant narcissist, he would probably lose no sleep at all at the idea of being asked (or coerced) to betray “his” country, which he has always felt refused to extend him the admiration and adoration to which he feels entitled. He is the sort of personality who could watch us all be herded into prison farms or fed into a wood chipper and then board a plane and fly off to a mansion overlooking Lake Turgoyak and forget everything he ever knew about that place formerly called “America”.

Donald Trump is a traitor to this country and is actively working to bring about our societal ruin and eventually dissolution. He is in the clutches of Putin, the most virulent of America’s traditional enemies and a man whose psychoses are worn on his sleeves, concealed only by a nudge and a wink, like merit badges from the world’s most misanthropic scout troop. Putin’s stated goal is the downfall of the United States…and anybody who believes otherwise is probably also still waiting on the Easter Bunny and leaving cookies out for Santa.

The murkier issue is the complicity of Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Devin Nunes, and the lesser players in Trump’s congressional gang of turncoats and I believe we will also find – after this scuzzy charade, as all such things eventually do, comes crashing down – that Putin has dirt on most of them, too. This is a man, don’t forget, who ran the KGB, arguably the world’s most accomplished engine of sabotage, subversion, human intelligence gathering, murder, and intimidation. He ran the agency under the old Soviet leadership and now has his thumb firmly atop all that is left of it and has NO compunctions about using it for his own benefit. It has already been firmly established that Russia interfered with, hacked, and manipulated our 2016 election, raising the excellent question of why that whole exercise has not been declared summarily invalid and congress has not suspended the question of who’s In Charge, pending a thorough investigation and possibly either a reversal of the outcome or a do-over. That answer is also contained in the Putin scenario: because there are enough compromised men in the Senate to block any movement toward such a historic nightmare.

We have an active and willful enemy of the United States squatting in our White House, his tiny, bloody fingers inches from the nuclear launch codes, and total lacking any of the sort of empathy or humanity or sense of proportion that keeps us all, no matter how angry or aggrieved we may be, from going up to the roof with a hunting rifle and mowing down twenty or thirty neighbors and strangers.

I have contended for three years, now, that if our Founding Fathers – men who fought and died and KILLED to drag into being that grand idea called “The United States of America” – saw all of us now, they would choke us until the piss runs out both ears for lacking the loyalty and respect for America and the plain ol’ gumption to see a creature like Donald Trump, mucking about with the mechanisms of democracy like a doped-up money flipping levers at random aboard the space shuttle, not be dragged bodily from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, wrapped in duct tape, and shoved adrift in the Potomac to float off into the Atlantic’s southerly flow until he winds up in Antarctica. If this is, in fact, as it would appear at this moment, the end of America, we, with our backbones of taffy and benumbed consciences will deserve whatever bread line we wind up standing in because we saw the enemy and we wailed and wrung our collective hands and watched Trump and his thugs subvert democracy and wipe their asses with The Constitution and waited for someone else to fix it…until it was too late.

Speak yer piece, Pilgrim.

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