My list of legislative goals for the Biden Era:

1. Remove tax-exempt status from all churches with congregations over 200.

2. Do away with the Electoral College. Land doesn’t vote, people do.

3. Establish filing rules that REQUIRE a complete psychological evaluation before anyone is allowed to run. NO exceptions.

4. Make it possible to investigate and prosecute a sitting president who is credibly indicted for a crime or sedition or treason.

5. Rewrite Article 25 of the Constitution to make it easier and faster to remove an office holder who exhibits mental instability or is convicted of a crime.

6. REQUIRE a complete financial audit for ALL potential candidates and complete access to their tax returns. Make it a part of the filing process.

7. Establish a separation of the Executive Branch from the Justice Department, Attorney General, and federal law enforcement. Those officials no longer answer to the president.

8. Put some teeth into the power of Congress to compel testimony during investigations and reestablish the federal jail that was formerly used to lock up violators who refuse subpoenas or commit contempt of Congress.

9. Take the final veto power away from the Senate on impeachments. If the House passes impeachment, the president is then impeached and can be removed.

10. Make it ILLEGAL for either the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader to deny debate and voting on any pending legislation which has passed out of committee. Impose fines, censure, and/or jail time for violators.

11. Impose a vote limit past which a losing candidate CANNOT refuse to concede, as in the case of Loren Culp losing the gubernatorial race in WA state by half a million votes and then refusing to concede, claiming voter fraud.

12. Make it an actual crime to claim voter fraud and impose prison sentences for anyone who claims it and then produces no evidence.

13. Make removal of legislators who commit sedition, as with the 126 legislators who joined the fraudulent Texas lawsuit, faster and easier or even possible. Create a mechanism by which these people’s membership in Congress is suspended, pending investigation.

14. It is a long shot but I proposed, back in 2014 or so, that we create laws that make OR REPEAT deliberate lies and “spin” about any opposing candidate or another member of the federal bureaucracy, Congress, The Supreme Court, or the Executive Branch a crime punished by an escalating series of, in effect, “time outs”, during which the guilty party is, at first, sent home and CANNOT communicate with their staffs or anyone else but family for a week. Upon a second offense, that becomes a month. After that, the person is jailed in a DC military facility for a period of 45 days and allowed no contact but family and attorneys. These sentences are accompanied by fines. NO exceptions. If the president does it, he gets a time out. I called these “Civility Laws” and proposed it as an attempt to break up partisan gridlock and REQUIRE these servants who work for US to focus on the work at hand and less on maneuvering for political leverage and getting reelected.

NONE of this should be addressed before we deal with the pandemic, climate change(!), tearing down Trump’s vanity wall, and reuniting families torn apart by Trump and his thugs. We also HAVE TO address the subject of reparations for those families and we must do it SOON.

Speak yer piece, Pilgrim.

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