This is written on the day of the Republican defense’s presentation in the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. I’m PISSED anew by watching the more jugheaded Senate Republicans talk on the phone and read books and do paperwork and ignore the prosecution’s searing indictment of their “President” who never was actually a president. They think they are bullet-proof, that they are immune to all repercussions of their inaction and dismissiveness, seemingly blissfully oblivious to the FACT that their life within the tiny bubble of DC protection and ego-bloat and dismissive hauteur will not last forever.

They are wrong…as they ALL will soon discover…

“I wish somebody, anybody – anybody they would listen to, of course – would sit down with the Republican senators who are just mailing in this impeachment trial and ask them if they REALLY understand what the ramifications are of their little milksop stance for Donald Trump; what their lives and the lives of their families will be like AFTER they leave the bubble of DC. Do they think of the simple pleasures of Going Out – to the beach, to a concert, to a nice restaurant, shopping, playing in the park – with no fa├žade of congressional protection to shield them from the anger and outrage and real-world revulsion they will face? They can restrict their lives to settings where they will encounter ONLY the racists and white supremacists and Right-wing extremists that comprise Trump’s base, of course, and face LESS recrimination, but when their wives and children ask if they can go to see James Taylor or Lady Gaga or some great new movie, they’re VERY likely to rub up against a really ugly reality that they were protected from in DC.

What will they think, what will they say, when their children and grandchildren come home from school, crying because somebody on the playground or the lunch room picked on them because their Dad or Grandpa aided and abetted an amoral criminal who tried to subvert democracy, and THEY DID NOTHING? What happens when their grown children are turned down for that great job because of their last name and the association to their Dad? The employer won’t SAY that, of course, but they will know and they may blow up about it but their son or daughter STILL won’t get that job. What happens when the fabled American Attention Span moves on, as it ALWAYS does, and Trump is a sad and distant relic of their Party’s failures? What happens when they’re sitting alone on their porches, next to their walkers, remembering when they made that one drastically wrong choice?

A LARGE number of Republicans have announced retirement, hoping, I’m sure, to escape the retribution that will surely come. They are at least aware of their precarious positions. But these senators who will vote today do so based on archaic assumptions. They still believe that sad fairy tale about Democrats and Liberals and progressives and even moderates being bound by our former values, the ones that require acceptance and compromise and conciliation, our traditional dire need for empathy and “dialog”. These people THINK we are all supposed to just “move on” – hear ’em saying it? They’re already shocked that we won’t simply ignore a riot, seven dead, 140+ injured, and 500,000 dead from a pandemic their boss exacerbated by his cluelessness, callousness, and incompetence…and forgive, forget ALL of that and that ALL of congress were very nearly involved in a literal bloodbath, all because a crooked, avaricious, amoral simpleton incited his legions of mouth-breathing imbeciles and Gullibles and aimed them at EVERYONE in the Capitol – Democrat, Republican, Police, staff, and custodians alike. They STILL believe that we are incapable of sustaining anger because we’re all too worried about our “karma”, about being seen as “no better than the Republicans“.

Well, FUCK. THAT. What we have discovered, as a result of the Trump Atrocity, is that, no matter what we have to do, we are fundamentally better than this current crop of scoundrels and the Unprincipled who make up what used to be the Grand Old Party. Their disregard, their open contempt for the rule of law, for the Constitution, for bedrock American values, has now beaten the kindness and empathy out of all but the wimpiest of us. We now realize that their kind REQUIRES a thorough ass-whippin’ and we are collectively smart enough to find ways that bring about their eventual downfall, the literal dissolution of the Republican Party. Trump will NOT be running in 2024 because it’s hard to run for office while under indictment or in a prison cell.

They have made this sour, shit-stained, farted-up bed and they will, By God, lie in it…just as their idol lied every day for four solid years. Unless, by some miracle, they discover a spine within just a few hours.

Speak yer piece, Pilgrim.

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