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I have thought for a long time, now, that there is *something* behind all this hysterical enslavement to Donald Trump.

I mean, if you or any rational person was inclined to become a spineless acolyte to ANY past or present politician, would it be Donald Trump? In what universe? A cowardly bully, an Eastern elitist, a sissy-boy who has never actually been in a physical confrontation, though he has said things that would certainly provoke one, because he cowers behind armies of feral attorneys and launches social media and legal attacks designed to ruin his enemies, of which there are THOUSANDS. This is the tough guy that legions of Good Ol’ Joe middle American men fixate on as a role model? Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Charles Bronson, Chuck Norris, okay, we get all those. But THIS guy, the absolute antithesis of what “tough guy” has traditionally meant?

Not likely.

I suspect Putin.

It would not be any kind of stretch or at all implausible to think that a man who ran the Soviet KGB, casually had enemies (or rivals, occasionally friends) killed, mined relentlessly for dirt on American and other countries’ leaders, and blackmailed people by the barrelful his entire career could amass dossiers on US politicians? Would it be a real stetch to think that he would use their pasts to coerce them into supporting Useful Idiot, Trump, on whom you KNOW he has mountains of dirt on and, in practical terms, has owned for decades?

Is anyone really under the impression that Trump – who has never been any good at hiding his crimes and plots and exhibits a brazen disregard for any inconvenient facts about his actions and words – did ANYTHING, down to and including eating lunch every day while in Moscow, that Putin didn’t get a report about? I have ZERO doubts that Putin has those “pee-pee tapes” and has let Trump know he has ’em. Putin’s oft-stated goal has been to destabilize America and that is certainly what Trump has worked relentlessly at since the day he took office. He is Putin’s property and has acted like it and I do not know WHY, for the love of God(!), the Biden DOJ is not actively investigating that relationship…or are they?

I believe this is true – all of it. Trump was compromised long before he ran for the president. He did, in fact, express several times, when asked about running for office, how the presidency would limit what he could do in terms of what he cares about most: making money. It is, to me, sorta glaringly obvious that something or someone pushed him into running and that someone managed to overcome Trump’s massive ego and his relentless drive to pile up dollars. I don’t believe Trump ever really wanted to hold that job and ran mainly to flex his “muscles” and elevate his profile. In terms of his name recognition, running was just as good as winning. We have numerous reports from people who were with him on election day, all saying that he expected to lose and was stunned and upset when it became obvious he would “win”.

The best proof of Putin as the Puppet Master is to google “trump and putin” images and look at how thoroughly miserable Trump looks in photos of the two. Even when he’s smiling, he looks like he’s trying to pass a kidney stone. How is it that a man whose ENTIRE adult life has been about convincing people that he is the Alpha Male in every room suddenly becomes an ass-kissing sycophant to a Russian leader – a man whom, it is at least arguable, was several rungs down the ladder from him in riches, fame, and profile – at very least raising questions about Trump’s own loyalties and how much influence Putin has on his decisions.

These are just the connections we already know about.

“Where there is smoke, there’s fire”; oldest truism in the book and the smoke wafting off the Trump “presidency” is as vast as the forest fire plume that blankets the West Coast every summer.

I think that the main reason we all lurch to a halt at the threshold of accepting that Donald Trump is an agent of a foreign government is simply because the thought is so heinous and so offensive to our image of ourselves as the “leaders of the Free World” that the idea of a US president being compromised to this degree scares us down to our DNA. If we let go of the belief that we are the world’s superpower, incorruptible, fundamentally Good, and just plain too powerful to seriously mess with, what do we have left? If some malevolent murderer like Vladimir Putin is able to grasp and control our very leaders, the terra firma beneath our bedrock America suddenly becomes quicksand and threatens to swallow us all. And the ONLY real way to start rooting out such incursions is to let that best disinfectant, sunlight, into the situation and see what slithers out.

We NEED these questions answered. SOON.

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