So…as we emerge slowly from the LONG quarantine, still masked and social distanced (the sane ones among us, at least) I wanted to run this again – first time since 2014! – to get us all thinking a bit about that style of beer we are NOT thinking about much, in the heat, here on the first of July: American Imperial Stout, American (non) Imperial Stout, or just plain Stout, your choice. I drink Stouts all year long, even when the mercury is registering triple digits. But I am admittedly a weirdo and don’t expect you to but I did decide this now, so you’d have some distance and maybe think clearly about it, without the Dark Seduction of the one in your hand.

Photo property of Renegade Brewing, Denver

What’s your fave? What’s your “best”, even if you just appreciate it but rarely drink it. (My oft-admitted passion for The Abyss is held somewhat in rational check because A) it’s seasonal and B) I’m cheap.)

This poll IS going somewhere, as I plan to do a large layout on Stouts in preparation for winter, when we all hunker down and Git Ser’us about drinking the Big Beers. Any input is greatly appreciated and any omissions (I didn’t even try to list every damned Stout made in the USA because I find my liver handy and would like to keep it) can be included in the comments. If you find one in the comments you want to vote for, just respond and say so; the word “second” will do it. ALL will be counted.

Think Dark Thoughts. Post ’em or just click on the choices…and THANKS!!

(Marquee photo property of The Irish Examiner)

Speak yer piece, Pilgrim.

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