SparkyandPopsatQwestSteve Body has been involved in the writing biz for an astonishing (to him, anyway) 47 years, first as a contributor to several “underground newspapers” during the wild ‘n’ wooly 1960s, and then, starting in 1973, at the University of Maryland, as a beer reviewer, essayist, and theater/dance critic. Since then, he’s won over four dozen awards for radio, TV, print, and direct advertising campaigns for clients ranging from CBS News to Hanes Hosiery to Wrangler Jeans to Bendix Gas Stream Chromotography. He is also the author of eight plays, four mystery novels, three books of poetry, and, at last count, over ten million words of review, criticism, and human interest essays. He has also ghost-written a half dozen books for members of Congress, one actor pal, and a member of the SDS. He was, for twelve years, a full-time professional actor, performing in over 80 stage plays and a dozen films and was, for twenty-five+ years, a working chef for restaurants such as the Wolfgang Puck Food Company and Planet Hollywood. He moved from his native North Carolina to Seattle in 1992 and started writing wine reviews in 1994. Steve is rabid Seattle Seahawks and North Carolina Tarheels fan, an avid film buff, plays guitar, and is a grandfather of ten. He lives in good ol’ Tacoma, Washington, with the love of his life, their two cats, and two dogs, Mickey and Jack.

He is the luckiest SOB who ever walked upright.

5 thoughts on “The Fool In a Nutshell

    • We spoke on the phone a couple of times. He still has access to the winery, so he can make wines and is continuing the Salida brand. He’s thinking of a new venture in downtown Tacoma, which is all I can say, now. I and a LOT of other people have offered any help we can.


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  2. I just discovered your blog, and am really enjoying it. I don’t see where you have reviewed a flavored vodka line that some friends of mine in Portland started recently:http://wildrootsvodka.com/

    It is unlike any flavored vodka I have ever tasted by quite a margin.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I’m enjoying your writing.
    A home brewer in Yakima


    • Steve: If you friends would like to send some of their vodkas along for review,I’d be happy to review them, as long as they and you understand that I don’t write about anything I would have to score less than 88 points and that I admit freely that I am not a big fan of infused liquors. They have to be flat-out SUPERB for me to get motivated to review them. It’s happened…but not often.


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