At the rate this thing is growing, I’m probably going to look at the prices I’m publishing here and say, “Wow…I really AM a Fool!

But they’re not going up for at least a year and here’s why: I want The Pour Fool to be user-friendly – not just for readers but also for small wineries, breweries, distilleries, or any business owners who couldn’t even think of doing conventional advertising.

There is not, admittedly, a whole ton of space available for ads in this format and I will probably move the blog to another, more-flexible, more spacious platform sometime later this year. For now, if readership continues to trend upward, as it really is right now, you can get a fair bargain, which may turn into a major bargain as the months go by.

To ask questions about advertising or to place an ad buy in The Pour Fool, email to thepourfool@gmail.com or, for a quicker response, call 206.240.5311, anytime between 8 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Pacific Time.


To simplify matters, there are only three sizes available:


Business Card Layout:  

$25 per impression (open rate)    $100 per business week (Mon – Fri)

$40 per weekend (Sat – Sun)    $125 per full week (7 days)

Business Card: 375 x 195

Business Card: 375 x 195









Campaign Banner Layout

$40 per impression    $160 per business week    $75 per weekend    $225 per full week

Campaign Banner Ad:  600 x 120

Campaign Banner Ad: 600 x 120






Post Break Layout

$75 per impression    $325 per business week    $125 per weekend    $500 per full week

Page Break Ad:  600 x 195

Page Break Ad: 600 x 195








Prices based on your finished artwork, digitally received and ad ready. Minor size adjustments can be made here. NO copy revisions can be made on finished artwork but a text-only addendum can be inserted adjacent to layout, upon request, at no additional charge. Artwork must be received no less than 36 hours prior to start of run. All art is kept on file at The Pour Fool, unless otherwise instructed by advertiser. All copyrights remain property of the creator(s).

2 thoughts on “Advertise!

  1. Hey There!!!

    I need some direction or HELP. Our city, Bartow, FL, has an AWESOME Cigar Factory, that originally was the Thompson Cigar Factory, built in the 1920’s when there was a union revolt in Ybor City, it was the first mechanized cigar factory in Florida. Has some awesome history and now needs a funky, fun, cool, new use that will bring this baby back to life and give our town, which is the county seat, an economic boost. If you know of ANY micro breweries that would like to expand or start up in a cool little town, PLEASE get them in touch with me. I have posted on Cigar City’s FB page but now that I know their status in the craft beer world I’ll be more aggressive and make sure they didn’t miss my post. Will contact them directly. We have a FB page you can check out….it is Cigar Factory Bartow. . . . any insight, help would be appreciated….

    Your faithful Pilgrim. . . . .Trish Pfeiffer


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