This will take you about three minutes – maybe sixteen if you text everyone you know and tell them about it…hint, hint – and might even be a bit of fun and/or clarity for you. It certainly was for me, in thinking up the questions. Brought to you by my friends at SurveyHero.com, this is just about general drinking a habits. If this goes well, we will next set out to find what is the Pacific Northwest’s Favorite IPA and Double/Imperial IPA. Just click below and you’ll be whisked away to SurveyHero!

All input is greatly appreciated and no one is going to email you about a digital toilet or a way to increase the size of your penis or that $14,000,000 you have in a Somali bank.

I promise.


THE POUR FOOL SURVEY #1: “What’s In YOUR Glass?”

Speak yer piece, Pilgrim.

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