5 thoughts on “Another Butt-Stupid List…And the REAL “Hidden Gem” Beer Towns

  1. If you get a chance, come visit Port Moody in BC (population 33k) which is another hidden gem that’s just off the main drag. 4 breweries all on the same strip about 150 yards away from each other (with a 5th incoming). Twin Sails Brewing, Yellow Dog Brewing, Parkside Brewing and Moody Ales currently reside there and it’s by far one of the best hidden gems that likely most people don’t know about outside of the local area. We call it Brewer’s Row, it’s a lovely place to visit and they’ve even done collaborations together.


    • I’d LOVE to do that. And I very well might, next summer. According to WordPress Analytics, I have a LOT of readers in Canada, mostly aroundQuebec and Toronto but a fair number in BC. I’ve had near-constant requests/complaints from Canadians who want me to remember that BC IS part of the “Northwest”, to put it in US-centric terms. I didn’t know about Port Moody but it’s close to Vancouver, so I can work it into a Whistler trip. If you’re near there, maybe we could have a couple of pints?


  2. Poulsbo actually does not have cash brewing or silver city brewing. Those are in silverdale (cash) and silvercity’s Brew pub is in silverdale but their main production and tap room is in Bremerton, which houses Hale’s ales, wobblyhopps, Der Blokken, Love Craft and now Bad Bulldog brewing. Kitsap county and the whole Kitsap peninsula as a whole should be considered when talking beer in western Washington.


    • Did you read the line above the list of Gems? Here it is: “(includes breweries within 10 miles)” Silver City’s PUB is within ten miles of Poulsbo. So is Cash. And this was NOT a list of hidden gem beer AREAS. It clearly says, “Beer TOWNS”. Anyone else who wants to write up the Kitsap Peninsula beer scene is welcome to do it their own way. That is NOT what this list is about.

      And, honestly, I find it a little weird that you would think that I don’t know all this, happening right in my own backyard. I’ve been to Silver City’s production brewery at least ten times. I was never under the impression that it was in Poulsbo.

      This list was NOT a promotional piece for the Kitsap Chamber of Commerce. It was a list of beer destinations where people might want to visit, soak up the atmosphere, and drink GREAT beers. Bremerton was not a part of this and wouldn’t qualify for a list of “Hidden Gems” until those breweries there (other than Silver City) evolve and manage to make a LOT better beer. I’ve now tasted at all those breweries you mentioned and – as of today and considering that I only post about beverages and producers that I can genuinely rave about – I have nothing to write about in Bremerton. (And Hale’s brewery, of course, is located in Ballard/Fremont) As the excerpt clearly says, “A 35K town with five bad breweries in it belongs on the list of “Waste of Gas and Time”, not on “Hidden Gems”.


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